Paris continued

It is now the next morning. Traveling this way is not for the faint of heart. We are not even saving ticket stubs, because we would have to carry them. After you board a train, subway and then carry your luggage to the 3rd floor you try to make everything as light as possible. It sounds easy, but to get to the subway you have to basically go down two flights of stairs and up two flights of stairs and thru turnstiles. Not that easy with luggage. Also it doesn’t getting dark here until 10:30pm. 8pm seems like 5pm. Weather has been cold and windy, but today it is supposed to be 19 degrees tomorrow. Thank goodness it hasn’t rained. Meeting a lot of nice people.

One thought on “Paris continued

  1. Laurie

    Pictures awesome. Sounds like you better shop for hooded sweatshirt. It 92 here. Chicago won the Stanley Cup last night in case you didn’t hear and in case you care. Keep having fun. People retiring like crazy around the county. Maybe you can lead your own tour group next year. Lol. Guess you better survive this one first. Take care!!

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