Paris – Day 2

OMG. We get back to the hotel a couple of minutes before midnight.
We left the hotel at about 9.30am. First we went to Versailles. There are a few pictures – one of the hall of mirrors, some of the beautiful gardens and one of Barbara in front of the main gate. It was jammed with people. I took a picture of Marsha waiting in line so you could get an idea of the line. The wait was approx 3 hours. Marsha went in to buy tickets and I went to wait in line, which saved us about an hour in line if we had both gone to buy tickets. We bought 2 day museum passes which are good at all the museums. We left Versailles at approx and headed to the Rodin museum. It is a great museum, they also have beautiful gardens and the most beautiful roses. The Thinker is in the middle of this stunning rose garden. The we walked to the Dome church (Napoleon’s Tomb). The inside domes are magnificent, then we walked to the Champs Élysées and then to the Arc de Triumph. This is a very long walk. Then we climbed the stairs to the top of the Arc de Triumph for the view. See picture of Marsha & Barbara on top of the Arc. Then we took the subway to Sacre Couer to see the church and another view. What a view! The Eiffel Tower is lit and starting at 10pm it has sparkling lights for 5 min every hour. We saw them at 11 and then took the subway back. I took lot of pictures with my regular camera and so did Marsha. I need to get some sleep – tomorrow another day in Paris. Met people from Montana and Sweden at breakfast. Bon Nuit






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  1. Joseph Ellmer

    Hope you get some rest soon. Sounds like you are having too much fun to stop, which isn’t bad. Yippie.

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