Patras,Greece to Bari, Italy Ferry

Marsha and I took a cab to the bus station and Stephanie took the subway to the airport, so we said goodbye at the hotel. Our bus ride to Patras was approx 2 1/2 hours but it took longer because there was a horrific accident on the highway. We reached the port and got our tickets. The ferry looked nice – see pic. We were only able to get “deck” tickets which means grab a seat and that’s where you sleep. See pic of salon we were in. I then took a pic of a bridge as we were leaving port and also of another ferry. We had dinner on the ferry which was salads, but we had a great view. Then it was time for bed – see Marsha in our luxurious accommodations. I know I have been saying how hot it Is here, but the ferry is like a freezer. It seems there is no happy medium – either too hot or too cold. About 1am the crew woke us because we stopped in a port. To our surprise we think about a thousand people got on. We found out this is a usual occurrence and must be since people brought queen size air mattresses with them. There were people sleeping everywhere! I am writing this while we are about an hour from the Italian port of Bari. Will let you know what happens next and send when I have wifi.







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