Polish restaurant

After we returned from Auschwitz we decided to do another excursion to a Polish restaurant with folk dancing. The alternative was walking around in the freezing rain to find s place we wanted to eat, Brian wasn’t feeling that well and walking around being miserable didn’t appeal to me so after the Castle back on the bus we went. We were greeted at the door by costumed wait staff who provided shots of vodka and bread and salt. We had been wanting traditional Polish food and we got it. The appetizers started coming out. The food was served family style so everyone at the table could taste what they wanted. The first plate was an assortment of cold meats and sausages. The second plate was an assortment of warm appetizers and the third plate several varieties of pierogi.Then the entertainment started. The band played and the dancers danced then the dancers pick some of us to dance. Here are pics of Brian doing the Polka.To be continued….