Ravenna, Italy – Day 2

We slept in because today we needed to do chores. First on the list was laundry. The laundromat was close to the hotel, so we got there fine. The directions were only in Italian and we needed exact change. We figured out the machines – we thought. Marsha’s washer started fine, but mine did nothing. In the meantime I went to a store next door and got a few coins. We would need more change so I went to a bank across the street. The banks here usually do not have money, but I thought they would at least tell me where I could get some coins. To enter the bank I had to push a button, an outer door opens and I entered a metal detector. The the inner door of the metal detector opens and lets you enter the bank. Now remember – no one speaks English, but I was able to show them some coins and a €20 bill and they understood and gave me a roll of coins. Believe me they could understand how grateful I was as I thanked them many times. Back at the laundromat a woman and her daughter tried to help me get my washer running. They called the owner of the laundromat and he must have told them how to get that particular washer started because it began to work. But I had paid twice, so the woman told him I needed a €6 refund. Remember these people do not speak English, but somehow we communicated. The owner was coming to give me a refund. The owner did arrive and give me my money and he was just in time to help us with the dryers. Finally our clothes were clean and dry and we headed back to the hotel.
Also in the morning Marsha was on the computer looking for hotels at Heathrow airport and Irish ferry schedules for later in the trip. This is time consuming stuff.
After the laundry was the post office – also close to the hotel. We had decided we would mail some of our clothes home. The weather has been very nice but we are headed to much cooler areas so we will not need our summer clothes. At the post office we purchased mailing boxes with no problem. Marsha’s box was fine – mine turned out to be too big. We now have much lighter and roomier suitcases. Back to the post office to mail Marsha’s box and I bought a smaller one and packed it from the big one in the post office. I wanted to give the larger box to the woman at the post office because I couldn’t use it. I didn’t ‘t ask for a refund, but they told me to buy something the value of the large box. Post offices here sell all kinds of things and I am now the proud owner of spaghetti tongs. The laundry and post office took us 6 hours. The post office told me my neighbor would have to pay duty on the package when it is delivered in the US. I don’t know why.
Everyone was extremely helpful. As you can imagine it is hard with a language barrier trying to explain weights and how to fill out forms. We are going to dinner soon and plan on attending a concert tonight. Will let you know about the rest of the day. I took a picture of one tower but cannot tell if it is leaning.

We went to dinner and picked a restaurant just outside the entrance to the concert. Marsha had pasta with tomato and porcini mushrooms and a salad and I had a local cheese with figs and honey. They serve this with piadina, a locally made flat bread. The piadinas can contain all kinds of filings or have different ingredients baked into them. All is yummy.


The organ concert was held in the Basilica di San Vitale, the #1 recommended tourist spot for Ravenna. We went in and said WOW. The church is beautiful and the mosaic floors are amazing. I took some pictures, but I don’t think we were allowed to, so I took them without flash.






After the concert we headed back to the hotel, but we passed a gelateria (ice cream shop). Here is a picture of some of what they sell. Marsha got one and said it was the best gelato she ever had.

We are now at the hotel watching Columbo in Italian. We can’t believe we walked all over Ravenna for 2 days and didn’t go uphill once. Tomorrow we go to Padua.

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  1. marcia

    More unpleasant news. Clara’s sister Bev passed. She is going up
    later in the month’ so will not for now. Love the blog. See you soon.

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