We got up and had breakfast. See pics of hard boiled eggs – too pretty to eat. Breakfast was also pretty, but we ate it before we took a picture. We stayed in 2 places in Rothenburg both terrific. The eggs are from the first one and also a pic of the outside and a pic of Marsha and myself in front of the pension. Then we walked around Rothenburg and also took a city tour. Tour guides give a great deal of historical information. Almost forgot to mention the pic of St Barbara cheese. We walked the perimeter of the city most of it on the ramparts – we also were able to go up into one of the towers (many stairs) and get a panoramic view of the city. see pic. Also many more pics on my camera. At 5:00pm there was a concert on the main square by the “Sound of America honor band and chorus”. Great concert and the kids who played came into the crowd and thanked everyone for coming. We met a teen from Florida. Great group and their performance was fabulous. See pic. Then we went to dinner at a restaurant recommended by Karin, the proprietor of the 2nd place we are staying. The portions here are so big we don’t bother with an appetizer anymore. I had pork in a creamy mushroom sauce with cranberry and pear and a salad. Marsha had fried Camembert also with fruit. All the food is so pretty. It was a beautiful day and nice evening so we ate outside. We spoke to the people on each side if us – pretty good since they didn’t speak English and we are not good at German. Then we went to the next house where we stayed. See pic. Karin and her husband were sitting on the patio and insisted we have a glass of Frankonian wine with them. Also see pic of where we stayed. We are having so much fun wish you all could be here. Again it is late 11:15pm – time flies. I found CNN on TV and we are watching about the plane crash. I should also mention there is Italian food especially pizza everywhere in Europe. We are committed to eating local food.