Würzburg – Rothenburg

We were riding the rails again. On the way to Rothenburg we stopped on Würzburg and put our luggage in a locker at the train station. We went to the Residence (palace) and court gardens. I thought this place was more opulent than Versailles. I bought some post cards and took pictures of them since no photos were allowed in the Residence. The Versailles gardens were nicer. We stopped for a snack- pretzel for each of us, wine for Marsha and a Radler for me. It’s -1/2 lemonade and 1/2 beer. Then on the train to Rothenburg. There was a mix up with our accommodations, but all turned out fine. We took the Night Watchman tour. It was really good. See pics of Rothenburg and gate.






3 thoughts on “Würzburg – Rothenburg

  1. Laurie

    Wow Rothenburg looks really really pretty. I googled it and it brought up some nice pictures. So far you’ve traveled 2350 KM (1460miles) and 22 hrs and 21 minutes travel time. I’m tired just reading that. The things your seeing and doing are just wonderful. Love getting to “watch” you travel through Europe. Hope your feeling good and keep on having fun.

  2. Joseph Ellmer

    What? A Philadelphia soft pretzel in Germany?

    Aunt Liesel was here yesterday. She likes the photos of the food.

  3. Lynn Tombrink

    Are you really able to eat all that food? I assume you “fuel” up to last for several hours. Everything looks fab! Glad you both are having such a great time. Take a pic of your hotel room please. Do you get a private bath or is it down the hall? Just curious–I’ve never been to Europe. Lynn T.

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