Salzburg, Austria

I’ll start in Graz. After our break we walked around town again. We saw folk dancers (see pic) and traditional folk music. I also forgot to mention we heard a national yodeler! We got dinner from one of the many, many food vendors. Marsha had some sort of boiled potato pancake with sauerkraut and I had the same but added some sort of sausage with horseradish and bread. See pic.


We had breakfast at the train station because there are shops all over with great pastries. Before we boarded the train we stopped in the post office at the train station and we were interviewed by someone from the train company who even offered us breakfast. We boarded the train to Salzburg. It was an Austrian train and they are very nice. It started to rain as we arrived in Salzburg and since we didn’t have reservations at any hotel went to find one. We decided to stay at the first one we checked and it is nice. The hotel plays the movie the “Sound of Music” on demand all day. Since it was raining hard we watched the movie. The scenery in the movie is what we saw from the train, only more spectacular in person. We are having trouble deciding in what country and city we should apply for a resident visa. By the time the movie ended it was almost 9pm – fortunate the hotel has a nice restaurant. Marsha had a salad with fried chanterelle mushrooms and I had viener schnitzel. Marsha also had dessert- dumplings with plum sauce but I forgot to take a pic. We have heard conflicting weather reports, but hopefully it will stop raining. It is miserable being a tourist in the rain.


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  1. Joseph Ellmer

    I looked at your schedule and it appears that you missed Vietch, vienna, and Linz. Salzburg was scheduled for the 25th. I asume your plans changed, but it still looks like you are having fun.

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