Salzburg, Austria

OMG – we woke up to cold and rain. We went to a coffee shop for breakfast and by that time the rain let up. During the day it was either cloudy, windy and cold – 9 or 10 degrees C (45 to 50 degrees) or sunny and nice. We took a “Sound of Music” tour in the afternoon and it was terrific! First we went to the Mirabelle Gardens – see pics ( many more on my camera).


We then walked around the Old Town, but it was intermittent rain and tough to take pics. Them we went to the tour. Pics of scenery from the movie and the church where Maria married Captain von Trapp in the movie.




After we saw the church we stopped in a cafe for a coffee and tea and apple strudel with vanilla sauce. See pic.

We returned to town and went to a restaurant founded on 803 for dinner. They brought us bread and butter – the different breads and three butters were really good. I had boiled beef with creamed spinach and something similar stuffing. Marsha had pears with honey, lavender and goat cheese. See pics of restaurant and food.





We walked back to the hotel which helped because we were stuffed. We don’t know where we are going tomorrow. We will probably decide after we get to the train station and look at the schedules.

2 thoughts on “Salzburg, Austria

  1. Laurie

    Wow got busy and got a few days behind. It’s so hard to keep up with you travelers. Austria looks beautiful and of course the festival an added bonus. I think I would like Austria or Switzerland (just putting my vote for your vista.) Glad your fine and still having fun. Enjoy.

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