We woke up to pouring rain and cold. We decided to go to Veitsch, Austria since Marsha worked with a woman who grew up there. We did a bit of backtracking and went to Graz since we were not exactly sure how to get to Veitsch. From Graz we took a train to Mitterdorf which is very close to Veitsch. We spent most of the day on trains which was OK since it was still rainy and cold. When we got to Mitterdorf we had to take a bus to Veitsch. Veitsch is a very small town and is known for it’s hiking trails and skiing. Since it was still raining we went into a store where the bus stopped to ask if the woman there is she could direct us to a place where we could stay for the night. She was so helpful – she called about 5 places and they were full. Just as we thought we would be homeless again the next place had a room for us. The wan who runs the pension came and picked us up! She then asked if we had eaten. We we didn’t Nd she told us she only did breakfast but she would take us to the corner store to get some food. We went to the little store and got sandwiches, drinks and snacks. She then took us to the pension and showed us our room. Again we really were lucky. The place was nice and homey. In the morning the rain stopped for a little while and we walked up the road a little just to see some of the town I took a few pics including one of the place we stayed. This whole place must be on Heidi alert all the time. For that matter, most of Austria must be on the Heidi alert too. We had a lovely breakfast at the pension The woman from the pension drove us to the Mitterdorf train station and we are now on a train to Vienna. We will take an overnight train (leaves at 8pm) to Frankfurt then change trains to go to Brussels then take the Chunnel train to London. We do not know until we get to London what we will do in the UK before we go to Ireland. Remember we had to change our itinerary because we needed to leave the Schengen countries. I had no wifi in Veitsch and when I can connect I’ll send this post.





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  1. Steven ellmer

    Hi, Barb , Judy and I are in virginia visiting Sue. We stopped there on are way back from a week in north carolina. We stayed at carolina beach. If there were 20 people around that would have been alot. It was great. I know your coming to the end of your trip i can only imagine you wanting to come home. Hope that is the case. Ill see mom nxt week and show her your blog again. Love your pics

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