We started out the day by going to the French Prefecteur and the America
Embassy to clarify some issues about us and schengen countries. Got a lot of info and will keep you all posted. Then we went to the wine cellar at the hospital. See pics. Then we went in search of a chocolate experience. We went to the right place but couldn’t find it. Again we did a lot of walking with no success. We returned to the hotel (walking of course) we decided to have a glass of wine while we waited for the dinner hour (8pm). So naturally here are the pics from dinner. We shared a cheese appetizer. OMG the cheese was good -no pic we just ate. Marsha had the buffet-too many choices if you ask me, and I had the goat cheese and spinach quiche. Marsha decided on desert- profiteroles . The waiter brought out the dish – see pic – and Marsha said OMG and the waiter said “No, my name is Frank”. Tomorrow we leave for Switzerland.









One thought on “Strasbourg

  1. Joseph Ellmer

    What are “schengen countries”?
    Both dinners looked great! I appreciate the waiters sense of humor.

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