We’re back in France. As usual we took the train and walked to our hotel to check in. Then we walked to the old city center. From our hotel we can walk along the river and it was really nice. When we got into town it was quite a bit warmer. By this time we had walked several hours so we stopped for something cold and wet. See pic. Then we toured the church that is the centerpiece of the town. See pic. We walked some more (Yes, we walked a lot today). Then we went in search of a restaurant. This was not easy. There are a ton of nice restaurants, but I wanted an Alsatian speciality and Marsha is vegetarian and the first dozen or so did not meet our expectations. Finally we settled on a restaurant -we turned out to be the only customers. Our waitress told us the restaurant has been in her family for 150 years and her father is the chef. Marsha had onion quiche and a salad and I had a local speciality of venison cooked in red wine with spƤtzle. Everything was great, so of course we split a dessert-see pics. Then we set out for the light show on the river. Well we walked in circles for quite some time. Streets here go a block, change name and even direction. Finally we asked someone and they sent us on the right direction. We found the location and the city puts on the laser light, dancing water and firework show every night for free – See pic. It ended past 11pm so we decided to take the bus and tram back close to our hotel. Yes we figured out how to buy tickets and which lines to ride. We are back at the hotel resting up for tomorrow.







2 thoughts on “Strasbourg

  1. Joseph Ellmer

    Excellent! Heidelburg and Straussburg look appealing.

    It seems you are getting familiar with the routine of purchasing tickets.

  2. Judy G

    Strasbourg looks beautiful. i had to look on map to see where you were. Could you go inside the cathedral? Nice light show pics!

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