Tokyo to Narita

After finally getting some sleep we foraged in the hotel for breakfast.  They had a breakfast buffet and we decided to eat there.  The buffet was huge with an assortment of very different foods.  We feasted on all kinds of vegetables and salads.   They also had curry, tofu, fruit, eggs and sausage.  I took pics, but you really have to see it to appreciate the variety of food,


We checked out and headed for the subway to head into a downtown region of Tokyo  We then went looking for lockers to stow our luggage. We tried several locations but all the lockers were taken.  We continued on and finally checked out bags for the day.  On we went to sightsee.   We started toward the Skytree Tower.   It is the  tower behind me in the pic.

We got to the tower and it was ridiculously crowded.  The wait time to go up was 2 to 3 hours.  We didn’t wait and since the tower is attached to a mall  we went to see the stores.   We found a department store that had a huge food section.  Of course we had to investigate plus they were giving away samples.   I took a pic of the beer section.

It was approx 4pm so we went to retrieve our bags and head for Narita Airpot and the hotel where we will meet the tour.  We rode the subway for an hour to the airport then took the shuttle to our hotel.  We were really tired. We ate in the hotel and fell asleep early.  It is now 3am and we are wide awake.

I forgot – the green stuff on the blender is a drink made with spinach, apples and honey.  It’s really good.

I also decided to take a pic of the 2nd toilet even though it is not as spiffy as the first.  Marsha and I thought we could name this the Japan Toilet Tour.

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  1. Lynn

    Got out my world map. This is so much more informative than school!
    Looks like you are getting very professional with the pictures. Get some sleep! I’m exhausted just reading your blog. So happy you are happy. Lynn

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