It is now 1am Tokyo time Sunday morning.  It is noon Saturday in Brooksville.  If you are confused so are we after two long plane rides.  We were fed a ton of food on the flight from LA and I got to watch three movies.  We are very over tired but excited.  We cleared customs with no problems.  We were fingerprinted as we cleared customs. We are staying at the airport hotel since we arrived so late.  We checked in and went to explore the airport which is great.  We went to an ATM and got some yen and walked all over the terminal   I am sending pics from the observation deck  and as usual Marsha  I had to toast our new adventure.  We are collapsing in bed because there is more to do tomorrow before we meet up with our tour.  I almost forgot about the bathroom.  The toilet seat is heated and I took a pic of the instructions for the toilet.  It does everything but dishes and may do them, but we have not figured that out.  Sayonara for now – we are exhausted.