Vienna-Day 2

Again we were up and had breakfast and were ready to leave by 9am.  Our first stop was the Lippizaner horses.  We took the Hop-on Hop Off bus to the Spanish riding school.  The horses practice daily and it is open to the public for a fee.  We watched for about an hour to the porcelain museum.  The museum told us how porcelain is made and of course there was exquisite pieces on display.  We went to an ice cream venue next to the museum where we ate ice cream.  We saw this huge concrete tower and couldn’t figure out what it was.  I asked a man taking a walk and he said it was used in WW2 to shoot down enemy aircraft.  There was guns mounted on the top that have been removed. He said it would be too expensive to tear down the tower since it is solid concert.  The town decided to leave it standing as a reminder of a very difficult time.

Then back on the bus for a long ride to the Belvedere. A palace that is now a museum.  The palace is divided into upper and lower palaces. We wanted to go to the lower palace, got off at the stop for the lower palace and found we had to walk back to the entrance for the upper palace.  While we were there we saw the most famous painting in Vienna.  It is the painting painted by the artist Gustav Klimy -The Kiss.  We also saw several Monets, Manets and Pizzaros.  We also went to the Opera House but were too late to take a tour.

The next stop was the Ferris wheel. We took the subway since it would be faster.  We had a great time and of course another spectacular view.  Since it was 7pm we decided to take the subway to Karlsplatz and look for a restaurant.  We found a nice little local restaurant on the edge of a park and ate there.  We returned to the hotel about 9pm- our earliest night ever.

The pucture “the Kiss”

The usual suspects

Vienna ferris wheel