We were up and had breakfast and we’re ready to go at 9am.  We took the U-bahn (subway) to get our Vienna pass and our Hop on Hop off bus tickets.  The Vienna pass is good for 2 days and gives us admission to over 60 Vienna attractions.  Our first stop was Schonbrunn Palace.  The ride to the palace was also great seeing a lot of beautiful buildings on the way there.  The Palace and gardens are stunning.  We toured the Palace and then went into the gardens. Lori, Shirley, and I went to do a maze but we were short on time so we didn’t complete the maze.  We were rushing to go to the Apfelstrudel show.  This is a demonstration on how to make the strudel and included a piece of strudel and coffee.  Helen was picked to help in the demo and we all thought that was perfect.  I still wish I could send all these pictures.

Then we decided to go to the Spanish riding school that features the Lippizaner horses.  When we got off the bus we had to walk through a huge rose garden.  Again more beautiful flowers in a delightful park.  When we got to the school we found out they are closed on Monday. We then decided to walk to St. Stephens Platz and church.  Since it was around 4pm we decided to take a little break before continuing. We then went into the church.  After the church we went to Mozarthaus.

We toured Mozarthayus with an audio guide and now I know more about Mozart than I will ever need to know.  It was 7pm when we left the Mozarthaus so we decided to eat dinner.  We went to the restaurant Marsha and I went to 3 years ago.  Then we were off to see the Danube tower.

Back to the Ubahn.  We got off at the wrong stop and a nice young man helped get us in the right direction.  It also has turned cold and windy.  We had a pretty long walk from the subway station but we made it.  We got in the elevator and went up 165 meters to the observation deck.  There was hurricane force winds on the observation deck so we didn’t stay long. It was now about 11pm so we decided to head for home.  Tomorrow is another busy day.

Selfie on observation deck

Helen making strudel