Washington DC

Another day of being a tourist,  we checked the prices of the hop on hop off bud, but it was too expensive for one day.  We then bought subway passes.  The Metro station is only a block away from the hotel and really a pretty good way to get around.  Our first stop was Arlington Cemetery   We took the tour of the cemetery because it is really vast.  We saw JFK’s grave and the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns.  The entire Cemetery was in bloom with dogwoods, tulips, cherry blossoms and other flowers.  I know I keep saying everything is beautiful, but truly the views are stunning. 


After Arlington we took the subway back to go see the White House.  We weren’t chosen to tour the White House, but we went to the visitor center that has displays of items that once were int the White House. There was also movies and interactive displays.  The visitor center is a great place to see.

I have to mention it is very cold and windy here.  It is in the 30’s when we wake up and because the wind is so strong it never seems to warm up.  After the White House we took the subway back to our hotel.  Free wine again!  Then we took a cab to Georgetown for dinner.  The concierge recommended an Italian restaurant that was good.  It specialized in wood fired pizza.  Then a cab back to the hotel.  By this time it was late so touristing  ended for the day.