Bratislava – Day 2 – Tuesday 7-30-13

When we woke up it was much cooler to our delight. We were so hot and tired yesterday we couldn’t bear the thought of another day like that. Our first job was to find a place to stay for the night since the hotel we were in didn’t have a room for today. We set out on foot and while we were walking past the Presidential Palace they were changing the guard. See pics. There was no one there but us! We checked several hotels and found one for tonight. We are not homeless. We stopped for breakfast and then headed to the first hotel to check out and get our luggage and make a reservation for tomorrow. are you confused yet? We then dropped our bags at the hotel we are staying at tonight (too early to check in) and went to see the sights. We walked to the UFO Bridge over the Danube and walked across it. See pics. Then we went up to the observation tower on the bridge. Great view! We then went into the restaurant and had a cold drink. Again a spectacular view. We could see windmills in the distance and they are actually in Austria. We decided to use the facilities when we were leaving the restaurant and it was all windows and on them said “are you enjoying the view”. I have many pics on my camera-too many to post. We then walked into the Old Town for more sightseeing and about 4pm headed to our hotel to check in. Nice hotel and since we couldn’t find a laundromat, we did laundry. See pic. We went to dinner in the Old Town – nothing exciting – Marsha had garlic soup and fries and I had schnitzel and fries. We are now back at the hotel and I can only get WIFI on the lobby so Marsha went to see how we’ll our laundry is drying. It is only 10:15pm.








One thought on “Bratislava – Day 2 – Tuesday 7-30-13

  1. Lynn Tombrink

    Have been following your journey daily. Have shared your blog with a few others. We are all thoroughly enjoying your narratives and gorgeous pictures. Brooksville is exactly the same as when you left! Worry some that you are both working too hard at this, but know how excited you are. Please add the country you are in along with the city as I have been trying to follow you on a map, and my geography is the null set! Take real good care! Lynn

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