Bratislava/Vienna – Day 3 -7-31-13

We got up, had breakfast and took our luggage back to the first hotel. It was too early to check in so they stored our bags and we made sure we had a reservation. Then we walked to the train station and took a train to Vienna. When we got to Vienna we got on the subway to SchĂ´nbrunn Palace Marsha did the maze and I took the palace tour. I also took a picture of the garden. As usual all was great and of course no pics allowed in the castle. See pics of outside and garden. We then went to the demonstration on how to make apple strudel. It included a piece of strudel and a drink – see pics. We then got back on the subway and headed to central Vienna ((St Stephen’s Platz). See pic of church. We toured the church and the downtown area. We decided to have dinner in Vienna and chose a restaurant based on food naturally, while we were having dinner I noticed people taking pictures of the building. When we had finished we discovered it was the building where Mozart wrote the Marriage of Figaro. The restaurant was very nice – see pics – Marsha had gazpacho for an appetizer and had mushrooms in a cream sauce with bread dumplings for the main dish. I had pork with the chanterelle mushroom cream sauce and potato noodles. See pics . All good food. We are now on the train to Bratislava – it just left Vienna and it is 8:30pm, we still have to walk from the train station in Bratislava to our hotel and check in. When we get there I will be able to connect to WIFI, upload the pics and send the blog post. Tomorrow we are headed to Budapest.
Forgot to mention the before dinner digestive. See pic. We know it had vodka and all that fruit. It was very tasty!










PS- Bratislava is in Slovakia just across the border from Austria. It should be pretty much east of Vienna.