Bratislava – Monday 7-29-13

It was about a 4 hour train ride to Bratislava. Fortunately our car was air conditioned until the conductor came around checking our tickets and said “the climatizer” is no longer working. We reached our hotel at approx 5:30 but it is still HOT here. We looked like we took showers with our clothes on. The hotel is air conditioned so we just cooled off for a while. There was a snafu with our reservation so we have to find another hotel. We headed into the Old Town and it seemed deserted. We thought everything was closing, but we found a restaurant for dinner. We both had salads – it is just too hot to eat – and then we split a dessert, while we were sitting there a Greek parade passed by – don’t know what the parade was for.




There is also a picture of the square where we had dinner. Walking back to the hotel we saw this table of guys with the giant beer container on their table so we took their picture. Also there is a pic of the “space” bridge. I




One thought on “Bratislava – Monday 7-29-13

  1. Joseph Ellmer

    If you had a white tunic and a red apron, you might have been able to join the parade.

    Hope you got your hotel arrangements fixed easily.

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