Prague-kutná hora 7-28-13 Sunday

Time is flying by. It is hard to keep track of what the date is let alone the day. Apparently this is common because people we talk to who have been traveling for several weeks have the same problem. Today we traveled about an hour outside if Prague to see kutná hora – the town where the bone church is. It is really creepy – you will see why when you look at the pics. Apparently so many people died during the plague they did not have enough graves for all of them – so they gathered the bones and put them in this church. The chandelier is made of every bone in the human body. As I said creepy but in a way beautiful.


We then went to St Katherine’s church. It was really hot here today so we did not walk for miles. Getting heat stroke is not in the itinerary. We then missed the bus to the next church in town so we took a cab. The church we had to see was St. Barbara- guess why we had to see it. My church is very nice!




I have my more pics on my camera. We then walked to the bus station so we could get the train back to Prague. The bus was hot, but the train was a furnace. Everyone looked beat. We were all sweating and there was very little air flow. When we got to Prague we got some cold drinks and sat in the train station to cool off. Then we decided to find the vegetarian restaurant we wanted to eat at last night. Well, we walked around Old town and couldn’t find it. For all we know it may have gone out of business. We opted for an Indian restaurant. Yes, I know -Indian food in Prague! I had chicken in creamy spinach and Marsha had mushroom and pea curry. Of course the food was great and spicy but delicious. We heard the couple at the next table mention Rick Steve’s ate at this restaurant. So I asked them how they knew about this. They told us Rick Steves was here last week filming for his show. The couple lives in Miami and are originally from London. They have also been traveling for several weeks and get cities confused.


We left the restaurant and headed for the hotel. As we turned the final corner walking to our hotel there was a fireworks display over the Old City. Since the hotel is high on a hill we had a great view.
Thanks for all the comments. Again we love hearing from everyone. It is impossible to answer everyone individually since again it is 11pm when I am writing this and we are usually very tired and I don’t always have access to WIFI. I hope you all are enjoying the trip with us. Oops, I almost forgot – get out your maps – tomorrow we are headed to Bratislava.

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  1. Laurie

    St. Barbara church nice but the bones one would totally creep me out. I saw a you tube video of Bratislava (when trying to figure out where Bratislava is) and it looks like it could be any city up north. Very modern. Very hot here at home too just we have air. Can’t believe you ‘ve been gone over a month already but since you’ve already walked half of Europe will be interesting to see what you do the next 2 1/2 months. Enjoy!!

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