Budapest,Hungary 8-1-13

Can’t believe it is August already. We went to the train station for an early train to Budapest. We decided to eat breakfast on the train – Marsha had a cheese omelet and olives and I had a ham omelet with a fresh salad.


When we arrived in Budapest one of Marsha’s contacts had made arrangements for us to be picked up at the station and taken to our hotel. We visited for a while then checked in. Our first order of business was to get Hungarian money – the Hungarian Forint (HUF). I changed about $300 in Czech money and got $3,300 in HUF. We were by another train station, the subway and the post office. We went to the post office and Marsha mailed some postcards. I needed to buy a card and mail it. Well we don’t speak Hungarian and no one speaks English, but I was successful and the staff at the post office could not have been nicer or more helpful. We stopped to get a subway map and check the price of fares then we headed into the city . We are staying in Buda and headed over the river to Pest. The picture is of the bridge we crossed looking at Pest. The other picture is of the State House. Again this is a city filled with many beautiful buildings. We walked along the Danube and just enjoyed the city until we went looking for a restaurant.


We decided on what restaurant and Marsha ordered a veggie burger and I had a 1/2 meter of white sausage with cooked cabbage and a pretzel. Again all was delicious. We decided to walk home and on the way took pictures of Budapest at night. It really is a beautiful city. Marsha is going to the airport tomorrow to meet her daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie will be traveling with us for part of the trip. It is early tonight – only 10pm, but it is good to have some down time after we walked all day.






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  1. Steven ellmer

    We cant believe how good the food looks, I know we keep saying that but its true! We were talking about a train ride in a dining car. This brings back alot of memories for mom. I like the pic of the bridge,the arch is so cool. I assume its the same bridge in the night pic.

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