Ljubljana/Lake Bled

We woke up to thunder lightning and pouring rain. We slept in because of the weather then took a city bus to change hotels. We decided to go to Lake Bled even though it was raining. The bus ride takes a little over an hour and goes thru the small towns. Lake Bled is beautiful. It is hard to tell from the pics because of the rain. There is a boat that goes to the island and a bike trail around the lake. There a also many outdoor activities in the area. It looks like a fun place to come to.


We heard thunder and saw really dark skies so we went into a hotel restaurant on the lake. Little did we know they are famous for their cream cake. So of course we had some.

20130910-082604.jpg We then returned to our hotel. The one we are at now has a restaurant so we decided to eat here. The waiter brought us fresh baked bread that looks like pita but is soft. Marsha had an appetizer of sweet red peppers stuffed with cheese. Mine is rolled meat ( this is everywhere here) and is served with a sweet red pepper and onion. Marsha had a pizza and because we are so close to Italy they have wood fired brick ovens. 20130910-083554.jpg




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  1. Joseph Ellmer

    The fod looks teriffic. Should I asume that you are sending specially prepared and sealed samples home?

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