Padua/Bologna – Day 4

Today we took the train to Bologna. We walked to the center of the city from the train station and of course climbed up stairs for a panoramic view of the city. We weren’t that high but could see several of the landmarks. We walked around the city and visited about a dozen churches. We noticed a lot of scaffolding, but we have seen lots of scaffolding because a lot of historic
buildings need renovation and upkeep. However, there was a sign in one of the churches explaining that the scaffolding was shoring up some of the building because this area in Italy had an earthquake a couple of years ago. Then we started to notice the cracks in walls and in one of the pictures we think the tower is leaning because of the earthquake.
Sorry, there is no picture of food today. We stopped about 4pm for a snack and had sandwiches. Even though we walked all over Bologna, I couldn’t find a bologna (baloney) sandwich. There are no pics because the sandwiches were just that – sandwiches. Also the restaurants in this area seem to all have the same menu with little variation – lasagna, spaghetti with meat sauce and pizza. There are other courses on the menus, but very little difference from restaurant to restaurant. On the train back we though maybe we would like little snack before we went to sleep. It was late – after 8pm so we stopped at a cafe in the train station and Marsha got some fruit and I got a small tart and some coffee. We are back early and have our jammies on and our feet up. We think we are going to Verona tomorrow.




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  1. Marianne Booth

    It looks like you are having a wonderful time. The food looks so yummy. I am enjoying the blog. Have fun and stay safe.

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