Prague – Day 2 Saturday 7-27-13

Today we took the subway to Prague Castle. It is a large compound with a palace, several churches, museums and historical houses. After we purchased our tickets we went outside to plan how we would see everything. Just by luck we were just in time to see the changing of the guard.




We spent the entire day there and still did not see everything. In some areas we we not allowed to take pics, but I took a lot of pics with my camera when I was allowed to. It was very hot here today. We thought we were in Florida in July. I still think Prague is a most beautiful city. The castle was great and our appreciation of this place could not be diminished by the heat.
When we were walking down the hill (mountain) from the castle we stumbled upon the Oldest Medieval Bar in Prague. We stopped in for a cold beer- we were hot and thirsty- and ordered a cheese plate appetizer. You can see from the pic how much cheese there was on the plate plus pickles and hot peppers and a loaf of bread. We couldn’t even finish the cheese. We met three young men from Australia who are also touring Europe. It is fun and informative to get their impressions of places we haven’t been yet.


We continued down the hill into the Old City. Our plan was to have dinner at an Indian vegetarian restaurant, but neither of us was very hungry. We were just hot and thirsty. We watched the astronomical clock strike on the hour and headed to the subway. On our way we stopped into a Cuban restaurant/bar for a cold drink. I think water with ice was the most expensive item on the menu. See pic of Marsha drinking again. Also our hotel is not air conditioned. We continued to the subway and I took a pic of one of the escalators so you can see how long they are. We have to take three if these from the Old Town to get to our hotel because our hotel is up in the hills. It is only 11pm but we have another busy day tomorrow.


Forgot to add pic of cheese plate.


2 thoughts on “Prague – Day 2 Saturday 7-27-13

  1. Joseph Ellmer

    It’s Sunday Am and looking at your photos and reading your nrrative makes me wish I could do just some what your are doing. Maybe you could write a book when you get back.

  2. Steven ellmer

    AWow! That bar looks like its right out of a werewolf movie. And the escalator is so big it doesnt look real. Aunt betty says she cant believe all the walking, trains and traveling, you must be bushed. If youre tired she understands why. You said your long walk was ok it was all downhill but didnt you have to go back? Love the pics, the food alone looks spectacular.

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