I took a picture of the departing train schedule in Krakow. We had to figure out which train was ours and what track. We already figured it was not the arrival schedule.

We had a lower bunk on the train and both of us slept like babies. We arrived in Prague (Praha) about 8am. We went to an ATM to get Krona so we could buy subway tickets. We accomplished that and got to our hotel. They were kind enough to let us check in that early and let us eat breakfast there. The had mixed veggies -peas, corn and carrots on the breakfast buffet. We took our luggage to our room and headed for town. We did not know how far the Old City was so we walked-big mistake. It was at least 4-5 km and it was hot. It is supposed to be near 100 degrees tomorrow. At least our walk was all down hill. I have a pic from our hotel at night that us not very clear but should give the general idea of how large Prague is. Prague is also very beautiful-every building is pretty and of course there is a river running thru town. The whole town is just gorgeous. I took a lot of pics on the camera. We attended an organ concert at St Katherine’s church that was excellent. After the concert we walked around some more. There are pics of the Old Town and Astronomical Clock. We think we really have walked across Europe.




Then came time for the menu review and restaurant search. We of course wanted Czech food. My appetizer was “lard with lard cinders”. I had to see what it was and it was good. I had pork with potato and bread dumplings and white cabbage ( sauerkraut ). Marsha had potato pancakes, pickles and a salad with goat cheese. Of course it was way too much food. There are very few American tourists a here and all the Europeans eat all of the food on their plates. We don’t know how they do it. Again it is late and we definitely need our beauty sleep.




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  1. Laurie

    Hi Ladies. Sites are still amazing. Your way more adverturesome with your food than I would be but it sure looks amazing and like your enjoying the local cuisine. I definitely would have loved to try the Pierogies. I love them. I have news. Adam is an engaged man! I’m very happy 🙂 Your adventures are fun to track. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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