Torgiano, Italy

We got up and went to breakfast at the hotel. There was chocolate fondue on the breakfast buffet plus chocolate croissants and cakes. Good breakfast. Then we thought we would try to go to a winery in Torgiano which is about 20km from Perugia. We walked to the train/bus station and found that we had to go to another bus station that went to different cities. That bus station was in the center of Perugia so we decided to walk – bad idea. It was a long, long walk up hill all the way. At least it wasn’t hot. When we finally arrived at the top we found a historical fortress and a really nice section if town. See pic and view of Perugia from the top of the hill.


We then found the bus station and the bus to take us to Torgiano and hopefully a winery. The trip to Torgiano is 1/2 hour, but we weren’t able to get to a winery. However, there is a wine museum in town so we went to see that. It was closed for lunch so we stopped at a little local cafe and asked for a glass of local wine. They brought us the wine plus snacks and it was only 4 Euros each. While we were in there it was raining, but when we left for the museum it had stopped. We toured the museum – see pic.

By the time we were done at the museum it was time to get the bus back to Perugia. We got on a city bus to take us to our hotel. We were going to eat at the Chinese restaurant close to the hotel, but it was pouring rain so we decided to eat in the hotel restaurant. I had tortellini with asparagus curry sauce and Marsha had artichoke stuffed ravioli. Needless to say Italians can do pasta. Then we decided to share a dessert which was called “English soup”. It to was great. Tomorrow we leave for Cortona.



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  1. Laurie

    OMG like I wasn’t already jealous. A chocolate hotel with chocolate fondue for breakfast!!!!!!!! What could be better than that. I looked online and the pictures of rooms with headboards that look like chocolate bars was amazing. I really have to tell you tracking you girls on a map has greatly heightened my geography skills of Eastern Europe. How you have any gas left I’m amazed. Keep on enjoying.

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