Beverly and I attended a presentation given by the resort. It started at 8:15 and was supposed to last an hour and a half.  Five hours later we escaped.  No, I didn’t buy anything which is probably why I was there so long.  We had planned on doing Jamestown and the Williamsburg Winery today.  We chose to go to the winery because we could eat lunch there. My neighbor’s  cousin lives here so we contacted her and made arrangements to meet at the winery for lunch.   First we did the winery tour and tasting.  We tasted 7 wines and they were about an ounce each.  After 7 ounces of wine we were happy campers.  Then we met Joan for lunch at the tavern on the premises.  Not having any sense I ordered the flight of red wine along with the food.  We had a great visit with Joan and delicious food.  Beverly and Marsha ordered a limoncello dessert. 

It was only 5pm so we decided to go to downtown Williamsburg.  It is set up like the historical section of town but housed modern shops and restaurants. We walked around for several hours and then went back home. We are now doing laundry and preparing for another day on the road.